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Radiant heat is clean, cost-effective, and designed to be low maintenance. No ductwork. No vents. Just an invisible and silent blanket of warmth right where you want it. Beyond aesthetics, radiant heat is highly efficient and can save 40% over a traditional heating system. The heating specialists from Brian and Sons would be happy to discuss the advantages of radiant flooring, explain the installation process, and make recommendations.

Radiant Floor Heating Installations

Toasty warm floors create a comfortable atmosphere without the cost and dangers of forced air heat. In a radiant setup, hot-water tubes or electric wires concealed beneath the floor supply warmth. As the invisible waves of thermal radiation spread evenly from the ground up, it warms the adjacent air, which then circulates and heats furnishings in the room by convection. As it rises, the heated air is distributed throughout the room, warming all its contents. Radiant floor heating provides the most consistent room temperature from floor to ceiling compared to any other heating system.

With a traditional system, heat rises naturally toward the ceiling, leaving the floor cold. Warm air is blown out of the registers, quickly travels to the top of the room, where it cools and drops back down. There is constant cycling on and off, leaving you feeling cold, especially since your feet never enjoy the same comfort as the top of your head. In order to feel warm, you need to boost temperatures.

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Electric radiant flooring utilizes a series of looping resistance wires and is typically retrofitted to a single room, such as the bathroom or kitchen. Hot water or hydronic systems circulate water from a boiler or water heater through half-inch loops of flexible tubing that can then be covered by hardwood, tile, or other types of finish flooring. Hydronic systems are an extremely cost-effective way to supply gentle, even warmth to an entire house.  Bryant’s Preferred Series gas- and oil-fired boilers are the perfect match for your home’s radiant system, delivering consistent, durable, and efficient performance without the noise and draft of forced air heating.

With floor heating systems, the heat is kept where the people are, and since the surrounding surfaces aren’t stealing warmth from your body, you’ll stay comfortable at lower temperatures. It is, however, extremely important that your system is set up by experienced technicians with the background and commitment to do the job right. The team from Brian and Sons has the factory training, resources, and in-depth knowledge to facilitate the installation process, ensuring a rewarding experience from start to finish. Every member of our installation staff is NATE-certified, having demonstrated their competency through a set of intensive, industry-recognized exams. As a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, Brian and Sons has consistently answered to a rigid criterion of excellence in skills, service and business practices. You can count on our promise of 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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