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Heading off repairs and boosting efficiency more than equal the expense of a yearly check-up. During a service call, the Brian and Sons technicians will identify problem areas, and by taking proactive steps, head off bigger problems. A complete analysis of your furnace prior to the winter season permits time for replacement parts to be ordered and installed. You’ll also benefit from a clean, optimized furnace that you can rely on all winter long.

Annual Heating System Maintenance

Yearly maintenance is the key to consistent performance and maximum energy efficiency. Your furnace cannot begin to measure up to ideal AFUE ratings without professional attention. The NATE-certified technicians from Brian and Sons will restore your heating equipment to factory condition, achieving a quieter, more rewarding warmth at lower monthly costs. Professional cleaning is required to remove the dust and grime that collects during the off-season. If dust penetrates the cabinet and gathers on inner workings, your furnace must work that much harder to reach temperature settings. Friction and restricted airflow, because of blockage, lead to lengthened heating cycles, higher energy usage, and might even compromise the heat exchanger.

While your furnace might continue to operate, there could be unseen defects. A cracked heat exchanger is a very real health concern. Combustion byproducts, such as carbon monoxide, can enter your home undetected. Dirt, pollen, insects, and decomposing animals, hidden within the system, create bacteria that are circulated along with heated air. A convenient check-up, performed by the dedicated specialists from Brian and Sons, will uncover any hazards and guarantee safe operation, as well as a cleaner, healthier home.

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Proper maintenance of your furnace can go a long way to decrease the level of indoor dust and particulates, including allergens and even airborne indoor mold. With annual service, you’ll enjoy greater energy savings, fewer repairs, more satisfying warmth, and quieter operation. With one simple phone call, Brian and Sons will get your furnace ready to handle your indoor comfort, no matter how cold it gets outside.

Heating Maintenance & Heater Maintenance in Aurora, IL

This heat exchanger did not appear to have problems on the outside, but look what we found, through a trained technician who knew what to look for.

Please get your furnace inspection yearly with Brian and Sons‘s trained technicians!!! Does your furnace leak water, have a funny smell, CO high parts per million, feel hot to touch, coming on and then going off, melted parts, or flame rolling out?

All these things and more make it unsafe. Please get it professionally inspected by people who are trained for this!

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