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EFS Financing

Energy Finance Solutions Financing
  • Residential 8.74% up to 15 years on all high Efficiency equipment no cost to client and goes on your utility bill
  • Commercial financing on all equipment refer to list for rates with PACE goes on real state tax bill up to 20 years of financing
  • Finance your purchase with Energy Finance Solutions

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Please Note:Coming on May 1, 2023, the interest rate for our Illinois EFS programs will be increasing from 6.99% to 8.74%. Loan applications received prior to May 1 will still be subject to the current interest rate. Applications received on or after May 1 will be subject to the new interest rate. Small business and multifamily homes will now be eligible for the EFS loans.

Synchrony Financing

Synchrony Bank Financing
  • 0% interest for 18 months with payment
  • 0% interest for 6 months with payment
  • 5.99% for 37 months
  • 7.99% for 38 months
  • 9.99% for 132 months

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Microf Financing

Microf Financing
  • No credit check financing
  • Hassle-free financing with Microf
  • Restore the Heating/Cooling Needs of the Consumer with an affordable monthly payment

Time Payment Financing

TimePayment Lease Program

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  • Financing Available for all Services
  • Financing up to 84 months!

Low and no-interest financing is available to qualified customers in the state of Illinois via EFS, Synchrony Bank, Microf and Time Payment. Call us at (630) 906-7302 today for more information!