EFS Financing

Energy Finance Solutions Financing
  • Residential 4.99% up to 10 years on all high Efficiency equipment no cost to client and goes on your utility bill
  • Commercial financing on all equipment refer to list for rates with PACE goes on real state tax bill up to 20 years of financing
  • Finance your purchase with Energy Finance Solutions

Synchrony Financing

Synchrony Bank Financing
  • 0% for 18 month on all legacy or repairs for equipment
  • 0% – 9.9% for 60 months on all preferred and Evolution equipment
  • 0% and up financing with Synchrony Bank

Microf Financing

Microf Financing
  • No credit check financing
  • Hassle-free financing with Microf
  • Restore the Heating/Cooling Needs of the Consumer with an affordable monthly payment

Time Payment Financing

TimePayment Lease Program

Call Brian and Sons today for the all rebates and financing options available to you.

  • Financing Available for all Services
  • Financing up to 10 years!

Low and no-interest financing is available to qualified customers in the state of Illinois via Synchrony Bank and Time Payment. Call us at (630) 906-7302 today for more information!

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