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As demands for consistent comfort and reduced energy consumption are met, cooling technology becomes increasingly more complex. These sophisticated systems require components that are clean and free from defects. A relatively small fault with even one component can quickly compromise the whole system, resulting in repairs, degraded indoor air quality, and moisture problems. The opportune time to schedule maintenance is in the spring before you rely on your air conditioner to shoulder the heavy summer workload. Our team of factory-trained technicians will utilize their hands-on experience and knowledge, maximize efficiency, extend service life, and pinpoint potential malfunctions.

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Air ConditioningAnnual service is the most cost-effective and proven means of preventing repairs, total system failure, and inflated utility bills. Through precise cleaning, tightening and calibrating, Brian and Sons promotes safe and consistent operation. Our conscientious professionals will check refrigerant levels, sound levels, electrical connections, condensate drains, voltage, blower assembly, thermostat, cooling coil, pulleys, belts and ductwork for condition. We will complete a careful cleaning to eliminate mold, mildew and fungi that accumulate in the moist inner workings of your equipment.

During seasons of use and sitting idle, your air conditioner collects dust, insects, plant matter, and decomposing animals. Dirt and debris insulate coils, interfering with airflow and possibly even freezing condensate. Contamination can result in bacteria sprayed into and circulated throughout your home. Dirty and clogged components cannot operate as efficiently, provide dehumidification, or healthy air for you to breathe. Neglected equipment strains to meet and maintain desired temperature settings, and will fail sooner than necessary. The cost of operating a system without seasonal maintenance is far higher than the actual service.

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Make the smart, economical and rewarding decision. Call Brian and Sons for yearly, professional service. Through personalized attention, expert workmanship, and 100% satisfaction guarantees, Brian and Sons continues to raise expectations for comfort. As a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, we keep up-to-date with developments in technology and equipment and rely on Factory Authorized Parts to meet high standards. The team from Brian and Sons is always available to take good care of you.

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