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What does ACCA recommend?

ACCA stands for the Air Conditioning Contractors of America. This organization has created a list of tasks to be done during your yearly inspections in order to insure that the warranty on your equipment stays intact. Refer to checklist given after each inspection.

Performance Maintenance Agreement

Services Included Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Savings Program
No Overtime Fees X X X
$25 off service call during normal business hours X X X
15% off parts X X X
Inspect Heat Exchanger ($89.95 value) X X X X
Check Freon Levels ($89.95 value) X X X
Parts Reading ($89.95 value) X X X X
Furnace Cleaning ($99.95 value) X X X X
Burner Cleaning ($60 value) X X X
Flame Sensor Cleaning ($60 value) X X X X
Outdoor Coil Cleaning ($99.95 value) X X X X
Indoor Coil Cleaning ($200 value – up to 1hr and cleaning solution) X
Adj CFM (Up to $100 in value) X
Humidifier Cleaning ($95 value-regular INC. water panel) X X X
Armaflex up to 5ft ($40 value) X X X
First pound R-410A ($50 value) X X X
Savings Program for New Equipment (50% of program paid back into savings program up to 3 years towards new equipment. Up to $400 put into savings program annually.) X



  • Bronze: $225.00 or $20.00 monthly with credit card
  • Silver: $375.00 or 35.00 monthly with credit card
  • Gold: $650.00 or $65.00 monthly with credit card
  • Platinum: $775.00 or $75.00 monthly with credit card


Terms & Conditions:
Purchaser agrees to sum of selected agreement, billed first of the month until paid in full or financed with synchrony bank. This contract is in force until notice of termination is given within 30 days of anniversary date with written notice. Performance agreement is transferable if ownership of property changes. All recommended repairs price guaranteed for 30 days of quote without return trip charge. The Seller’s work under this contract does not include; cabinets, hardware, duct work, sheet metal, dampers, insulation, water supply, drain/ steam lines, electrical lines, moving/ relocation of equipment, replacement of parts, repairs due to freezing or from contaminated corrosive water, boiler tubes, boiler sections or refractory, heat exchanger, combustion chambers, smoke stakes, chimneys, painting, ducts, or flues. It is expressly agreed that the Seller assumes no liability for negligence or failure whatsoever. If purchaser cancels agreement before anniversary date; the purchaser agrees to pay seller list prices for all service or material rendered to date of cancellation. This agreement is automatically renewed annually on its anniversary date. Annual renewals are to be invoiced by Seller. Ask us about Performance Maintenance Contract credit for new equipment.

Click the image below to print out a copy of the agreement. Fill out the information and mail it over to PO Box 672 Oswego, IL 60543.

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