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Positive ions are all around us. They are emitted by monitor screens, vehicle fumes and are what you sense in the air right before a storm. They can be blamed for fatigue, negative effects on health, and even bad moods. In contrast, negative ions contribute to a fresh feeling, lessen irritability and effectively combat airborne allergens.

Brian and Sons offers a line of industry-leading air purifiers to cleanse and rejuvenate the entire home or workspace. Through advanced ionic oxidation technology, the system uses electricity to create negative ions and electrically charge air molecules. These ions are introduced into every cubic inch of air the HVAC system reaches and attracts positively charged ions such as dust and bacteria.

At Brian and Sons, we offer Respicaire®, which specializes in the removal, cleansing, elimination, and treatment of airborne and surface particulates, microbials, pathogens, VOCs, gases, and odors. Their latest innovation is the OXY 4 Air Purifier™, which provides unequaled air cleaning value. Their technology treats the entire living space, and their advanced ionic oxidation technology helps to cleanse and revitalize their entire indoor living and breathing environment.

Visit the Respicaire website to learn more about the OXY 4 Air Purifier.

MicroClean 95 – Hybrid Whole Home Air Cleaner

Bryant Evolution Air Purifier

OXY 4 Air

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Putting over two decades of experience and expertise to work for you, Brian and Sons delivers sustainable improvement to indoor air quality. We encourage you to reach out to us at (630) 906-7302 to hear more about the many IAQ opportunities we offer and schedule service anywhere across Aurora, Montgomery, Oswego, Sugar Grove, Yorkville, North Aurora, Batavia, and Plainfield, IL. Our NATE-certified, factory authorized, fully licensed and insured team of professionals look forward to achieving your goals.

Human Corona Virus Test Results Helps Inactivate Sars-Cov-2 by 99%

The recent pandemic has created awareness and genuine concern regarding the pathogenic nature of the airborne Corona virus. Respicaire is pleased to report that our products have demonstrated a 99% inactivation efficiency on the Human Corona virus

Technology used in Respicaire products has been shown to inactivate the Corona virus strain known as Sars-Cov-2 by 99% (Covid 19 in humans) in seconds.

Respicaire specializes in Ultra Violet product solutions for the modern challenge of contaminated indoor air. The recent Corona virus outbreak has enhanced the need for effective & efficient air purifiers that can inactivate & disinfect this troubling virus. Now in our 21st year Respicaire products help disinfect and inactivate airborne viruses bacteria, molds, odors and VOC’s.

During this outbreak, we have been supplying our Ultra Violet Germicidal products to commercial, residential, healthcare Retirement homes, businesses and academic institutions. Ultra Violet has a long history as an effective disinfection agent so it is no surprise to have independent 3rd party testing confirm its inactivation & disinfection capability.

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