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Heat Pump Service in Oswego, IL

People often misunderstand the purpose of a heat pump based on the name alone. Many assume that a heat pump is used to generate heat, but in reality, it is used to move heat from one space to another. When it comes to heating and cooling a home, a heat pump works to move heat inside or outside depending on the season. Even when it is cold outside, the heat pump is able to absorb heat in the air outside and move it into the home, serving as a heating system for the home. This is much more efficient than a gas furnace. Similarly, the heat pump absorbs heat within the home and moves it outside in order to cool the space. Not only is the heat pump efficient, but it also provides dehumidification and air purification in the home.

Heat Pump ServiceHeat Pump Maintenance ∴ Oswego, IL

If you are interested in installing a heat pump in your home, there are several important components. There is both an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. If you live in Oswego, IL, Brian and Sons is offering an excellent deal on an all-in-one electric heat pump system. You may even be eligible for tax credit with your purchase.

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Brian and Sons has worked in Oswego for 25 years and has an incredible reputation in the HVAC industry. Not only is Brian and Sons NATE certified and a Comfort 24-7 Network Memory, they are also proudly woman owned. Call Brian and Sons to learn more about this offer on heat pumps in the Oswego area.

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Heat Pump MaintenanceHeat Pump Service ∴ Oswego, IL

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