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The best way to get through the hot summer months in Illinois comfortably is to have a well functioning central air system. Unfortunately, your central air system can experience problems from time to time such as lack of airflow, refrigerant leaks, air leaks, thermostat malfunction, and other more complicated troubles. If you find that your central air system is experiencing trouble at your home or business in Plainfield, IL, Brian and Sons is here to help. Our NATE certified experts specialize in central air repair services to ensure you have a safe and comfortable environment moving forward.

We are firmly committed to providing efficient and reliable repairs to our valued customers. Whether you’re dealing with a simple issue or a complicated problem, we guarantee effective solutions to restore comfort in your working or living space. Some of the most common issues we address and provide fixes for include inadequate airflow, uneven temperature distribution, bad smells, and problems with frequent system breakdowns. When we take care of the job, we do it right with high quality replacement parts and quality workmanship that guarantees long lasting results.

If you’re facing trouble with your central air system, you don’t want to wait for the problem to become worse. Make sure to give us a call at 630-906-7302 so we can put you on the repair schedule. We’re also available 24-7 for emergency repair service, so you can call us anytime you’re in need.

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