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AC Installation in Oswego, IL

Many AC systems can last for up to 15 to 20 years. However, once an AC system reaches the ten year mark, there may be a need for costly repairs and a reduction in efficiency. Over the years, air conditioning technology has gotten more and more efficient, and in many cases, it can actually be more affordable to upgrade and replace your air conditioning unit than to continue keeping up the expense of maintaining an older AC system.

Central AC ReplacementAir Conditioner ReplacementCentral Air Replacement ∴ Oswego, IL

When the time comes to replace that older air conditioning system, there are several options to consider. One excellent option for air conditioning is the ducted air conditioning, also known as central air. This is an extremely efficient option for cooling your home and involves a compressor that will be located outside the home. If your home is not equipped with a system of ductwork and you’re not looking to make serious modifications to the home, you may opt for window units, but you should also consider a wall hung split. This option is also efficient and there are several different types, but rather than moving cool air through a system of ductwork, the units are mounted in and out of the home.

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Once you are certain which type of AC system is best for you, give Brian and Sons a call! Brian and Sons is a NATE certified HVAC company that has been serving Oswego, IL for over 25 years. Brian and Sons is a woman owned company with more than 25 years of experience in providing residential HVAC systems to all sizes and types of homes. Brian and Sons will send out a certified, experienced contractor to install the equipment and make sure that the home is equipped to operate with your preferred AC system. Call to schedule today!

AC Replacement & Air Conditioning Replacement in Oswego, IL

Central AC ReplacementCentral Air ReplacementAir Conditioner Replacement ∴ Oswego, IL

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Central AC Replacement

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