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For about ten years, Brian and Sons has been my first call any time I need AC maintenance. They have done excellent work in my home in Aurora, IL, but they also serve the entire Chicagoland area. I typically schedule one annual service check on my AC system each spring. I like to make sure that my air conditioning is running efficiently and ready to go for the season because there is nothing worse than having issues with your cooling system in the middle of a heatwave!

Central AC MaintenanceAir Conditioner Maintenance ∴ Aurora, IL

If you are not already getting your AC system serviced each year, you should definitely begin scheduling your appointments as soon as possible. These annual service appointments have prevented many issues with my AC system over the years. Sometimes there is one piece of the AC system that needs to be tightened, and by having my AC maintenance at the start of the season, I am able to address that before it becomes a bigger issue that causes lasting damage.

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The professionals at Brian and Sons have always provided quality work. They are a woman owned company that have worked in Aurora, IL for over 25 years! Every time one of the professionals comes over to do our AC maintenance, they explain to me exactly what they checked and how it will influence my energy efficiency. This regular AC maintenance also prevents deterioration. I strongly recommend that anyone living in Aurora calls Brian and Sons and schedules their AC maintenance today. Don’t wait until you are stuck with a broken down air conditioner in the middle of the summer!

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Air Conditioner MaintenanceCentral AC Maintenance ∴ Aurora, IL

Central AC Maintenance

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