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Comparing Heat Pumps to Traditional AC Systems

In cooling mode, heat pumps and air conditioners function similarly. However, a heat pump also provides heating. Each system offers pros and cons and being aware of the differences helps determine the right choice for your home. As a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, the NATE-certified specialists from Brian and Sons are knowledgeable in both options and offer the top-of-the-line efficiency and features that elevate value and rewards.

Heat Pumps From Brian and Sons

A heat pump draws hot air from inside the home and transfers it outside, creating a cooling effect. When outside temperatures cool off, the operation reverses, taking advantage of ambient heat in the outdoor air to supply indoor comfort. These innovative two-in-one units are environmentally friendly, quiet, safe, clean and energy efficient. Heat pumps use electricity rather than burning fossil fuels and require only twice-per-year maintenance. For the extreme cold in the entire Chicagoland area, it’s recommended to partner a heat pump with a supplement heat source such as a furnace.

Air Conditioning Systems

An air conditioner pulls hot air from the home, sends it through a condenser with refrigerant for cooling, then pumps it back into the home to create a lower indoor temperature. It cannot reverse direction to supply heating. Most central air conditioners are partnered with a furnace. AC works well for quickly and efficiently cooling larger homes and helps to filter our allergens. The purchase and installation investment into a central air conditioner is typically lower than a heat pump but running costs are higher.

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